Dear Tumblr, my name is Cindy...

Books. Writing stories, poems or anything that can express my art. Getting pictured as well as taking one. I love to cook.

I love pink.
My mind always wanders and wonders at the same time.
I love the smell of new stuffs.
I don’t drink and smoke.
A workaholic.
Travel? Absolutely.
My goal in life is to write a book about my life that is worthwhile to read. Believe that a woman should at least have ONS once in their lifetime.
You should never settle yourself for anything less.

Happiness will always be a choice. Remember that.
BTW, I'm married, happily.

Let me tell you my story
and it goes something like this...

love always,

New found book brought to me by Mac. Will be added to my list of to read books.